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If you are in the market looking at trailers for sale in the Twin Cities area, you have come to the right place! Trailers & More is here to meet your summer trailer needs. Whether you need a trailer to haul your ATV to the lake or need a utility or dump trailer to finish those landscaping projects, we’ve got you covered!

Purchasing a trailer, especially if you are a first-time buyer, can be intimidating. We want to go over some frequently asked questions you may have as you begin your search.

Cargo Trailer

What type of trailer do I need?
If you are looking at trailers for sale, you already know what you need it for. However, some trailers can be used for multiple purposes. You also have options of having an open utility trailer or fully enclosed cargo trailer. If you need to transport materials a long distance and need them to stay dry and secure, a cargo trailer will be your best bet. Or, if you just need to haul dirt a few miles down the road to your yard, a utility or dump trailer will be much more convenient. Consider the main reason you are getting the trailer but also consider other uses and if one trailer can fulfill multiple needs.

Should I buy new or used?
Of course new is always the preferred option. That way you know the trailer you are buying is in good shape and won’t have any hidden defects or visible wear and tear. However, if your budget is limited, a used trailer can also be a good option. You will just need to be much more diligent when looking over the trailer to check the tires, lights and other features. With used trailers, you can save on the initial cost but may have extra unforeseen costs soon down the road for parts or tires that need replaced. At Trailers & More, we have both new and used trailers for sale, so you can look at both options.

Utility Trailer

What do I need to pull the trailer?
Depending on the type and size of trailer you are looking to purchase, you want to be sure you have the proper vehicle to tow it. You also need to make sure you have the proper sized ball and hitch to do the job. We can assist with all of this, helping you know what trailers you can safely pull with your vehicle and what accessories you may need.

Do I need a trailer braking system?
For heavier trailers, a trailer brake control is recommended and often required. This allows the trailer brakes to sync with your vehicle brakes, providing better control when stopping and slowing down. We also carry brake controllers and can help install them in your vehicle.

If you have more questions about trailers for sale in the Twin Cities and want to see the trailers we have for sale, stop by our showroom in South St Paul, call us at 651-451-1808 or Contact Us.

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Trailers & More near St Paul carries cargo trailers and utility trailers, and they are now gearing up their supply for the spring season. Whether you are new to the world of cargo trailers or looking to upgrade your current cargo or utility trailer, if you wondering when to buy, spring is it! Trailer dealers in Minnesota and Wisconsin typically have the most selection of trailers and newest models in the spring and sell down their inventory over the course of summer and fall. In the Minneapolis/St Paul cargo trailer market, the early bird really does get the worm (or the best selection at least)!

For the next few months we are going to highlight some of our most sought after cargo trailers and utility trailers. The new inventory will be available to see in South St Paul by mid April or early May.

February’s Featured Cargo Trailers

Last year’s hottest sellers in the aluminum cargo trailers category for us were both made by Carry-On Trailers.

1. The Carry-On 6×12 CGR, single axle cargo trailer with ramp door


Customers love the size of this Carry-On trailer with either a ramp or a double door. It’s a nice size and easily pulls behind most mid-size vehicles. We like that this cargo trailer has smooth aluminum fenders with a sporty rear dressing. The 24”diamond plate stone guard looks great and provides extra protection.

  • Gross Vehicle weight rating is 2,990 lbs.
  • 3,500 lb. single axle with a 2” coupler
  • 2,000 lb. top wind jack

2. The Carry-On 7×14 CGR, double axle cargo trailer with ramp door

7X14CGR-1This is a great choice for those who want a heavy-duty trailer that can do some serious hauling!  The extra width and length meet most people’s hauling needs!  These cargo trailers with the rear ramp door move fast!

  • Gross Vehicle weight rating is 7,000 lbs.
  • It has a double axle (3,500 per axle) with a 2 5/8 coupler and electric brakes.
  • 2,000 lb. top wind jack
  • 3/8” interior walls

Each cargo trailer comes with the option for add-on accessories and upgrades, so you can get the exact trailer you want and need for your specific purpose.

A few popular upgrades are:

  • Plywood walls
  • Roof vent
  • Extra height
  • Chrome or Aluminum wheels
  • D-rings
  • V-nose stabilizer jacks

So, if you are in the St Paul area and looking for cargo trailers, come on down and kick some tires. You might just find the perfect cargo trailer for you!

To learn more about cargo trailers in St Paul, call Trailers & More at 651-451-1808, visit our showroom in South St Paul or Contact Us.

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When you are hauling equipment, a racecar, snowmobile or any other item, the last thing you want is to break down on the road. While breakdowns are sometimes inevitable and you can’t do anything to prevent them, you can still take a more proactive approach to maintenance for your trailer. We specialize in St Paul trailers, and we have several recommendations on how to keep your trailer on the road.


You should be sure to check the tires on your trailer on a regular basis. They should be checked before you use your trailer and after you are done using it. The tires on trailers come with recommendations on the proper amount of air that should be in them, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Tires that do not have enough air in them are more likely to pop as you are driving. And even if the tire does not look flat, you should still check how much air is in it to be sure. Tires sometimes have to lose a lot of air before they will appear flat.

Trailer exterior

Then it is time to take a look at your trailer’s exterior. Are there any missing parts? Are any parts of it rusting? Do you see anything that looks wrong or looks like it is in need of repair or replacement? Be sure to look at the trailer’s floor too. This is a sometimes overlooked area, but a floor that is in good condition is vital to safe towing.


Trailers have wiring connections that need to be in good shape in order to tow safely. The wires should not have any fraying, hard bends or cuts in them. If you see any wires that are in need of some attention, make sure they are fixed or replaced before you use your trailer. These wires are an important part of safe towing practices. You want to be sure your brakes and other important parts of your trailer are working as they should be.

Are you interested in St Paul trailers? Call Trailer & More at 651-451-1808, visit our showroom in South St Paul or Contact Us.

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In the world of towing, safety is a must. Safety begins with the trailer hook-up. We sell truck trailers near Minneapolis MN, and we have a few tips for those who are just learning and will be towing a trailer for the first time or for those who have been around the block and just need a little refresher. Here are a few tips from the pros at Trailers & More in St. Paul / Minneapolis on hooking up a trailer.

  1. Make sure the ball is correct for the trailer you are about to tow. The size of the required ball is stamped on the trailer coupler.
  2. Drop the trailer coupler onto the hitch ball. Make sure the locking latch on the trailer is securely locked to the ball and that it is a nice tight fit.
  3. Place a locking pin through the lever to keep it secure while driving.
  4. Secure safety chains by crossing them under the coupler and hooking them into the hitch loops. The chains should be long enough to allow for tight turns but not so long that they drag on the ground.
  5. If your trailer is equipped with a break away cable, attach the cable to the hitch.
  6. Plug in your lights and test your turn signals and running lights.
  7. Check the tire pressure of both the vehicle and trailer. (Look in your owner’s manual and on the tire sidewalls for the trailer for the correct tire pressure.) Tires with too much or too little pressure can cause trailer sway.
  8. If your trailer is hydraulic, check your hoses and hydraulic fluids.
  9. Make sure all gates/doors are securely locked.
  10. Make sure all cargo is stored securely so that it won’t move during transit.
  11. Adjust your mirrors. You want to be able to see as much of the road around you and behind you as possible.

Be sure to read your vehicles owner’s manual to determine what kind of towing package you need and how much weight your vehicle can safely pull. Some vehicles/trailers require special equipment such as tension bars, adjusting chains, anti-sway controls, electric brakes and so on. Each trailer may have its own set of hook up instructions. The steps listed here are a general guide and not intended to replace any manufacturer instructions.

We hope these tips were helpful. Safe travels!

Do you want more information on truck trailers near Minneapolis MN? Call Trailers & More at 651-451-1808, visit our store at 1000 9th Avenue South, in South St. Paul or you can Contact Us.

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When you are out looking at truck trailers to haul your ATV, there are a lot of options to consider. From what material the trailer is made out of to how big the wheels are to what side you load your ATV on, there is a lot to think about. Here are a few things you should consider when you are shopping for truck trailers in Minneapolis MN.

What is it made out of?

Most ATV trailers are made out of aluminum or steel. There are several pros and cons to both options. For example, aluminum is more lightweight, so you will use less gas when you’re hauling these truck trailers. But because this material is so lightweight, it’s also easier to dent or damage. Steel is much more sturdy, but they can develop rust over time. However, rust is easily avoidable with some regular maintenance and care.

Where do you load your ATV?

ATV truck trailers load from either the sides or the rear. Both have their advantages. Rear-loading truck trailers will generally be less expensive than side loading. But in order to get your ATV out of a rear-loading trailer, you have to back it out. Some people prefer not to do that, so they should opt for a side-loading trailer. With a side-loading trailer, you can pull your ATV in one side and then drive it out the other – no need to put it in reverse and back up!

How big are the tires?

ATV truck trailers usually come with tires that are four inches wide. However, you can sometimes find truck trailers with wheels that are eight inches wide. Wider tires will generally offer more stability than their thinner counterparts, but they will also usually cost a little more.

How big is the trailer?

ATV truck trailers come in a wide range of sizes, and some are enclosed while others are not. You will want to take into consideration how big your ATV is and how many you will be hauling at the same time. In general, there are two main frame styles to choose from. You can get a Y-style or a T-style. T-style truck trailers attach the tongue to the axle directly. Y-style truck trailers attach to the axle in two locations, and they also offer a broader frame area to hold the trailer.

Are you ready to browse through our selection of ATV truck trailers? Call Trailer & More at 651-451-1808, visit our showroom in South St Paul or Contact Us.

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If you are in the market for a trailer, look no further than Trailers & More. We have a wide selection of trailers for sale in Minneapolis. Here are a few of the different types of trailers we have for sale and what they are used for.

Cargo Trailers

These types of trailers are great for hauling cargo that needs to be protected from the outdoor elements while it’s being transported. For example, if you are in the construction industry, you will find these trailers useful because your expensive equipment and tools will be safe from wind, rain and other outdoor elements that are out of your control. So if you are at a job site and it suddenly starts to pour rain, you won’t have to worry about your equipment sustaining any damage if it’s in one of these trailers. Not to mention, you get some added security because these types of trailers can be locked.

Car Haulers

Car haulers do exactly what the name implies – they transport cars from one location to another. They are specially made for this task, and they make it easy to move your vehicle to a new place without having to actually drive it. This is great for people who take their cars to car shows or for folks who have racecars that are not street legal.

Dump Trailers

Do you have leaves or other debris that needs to be moved from one spot to another and then dumped? Then dump trailers are what you’re looking for. This type of trailer dumps itself, so it saves you the hassle of having to do the grunt work yourself. These are heavy-duty trailers that are great for landscapers, construction workers and others who are in similar industries.

Looking for trailers for sale in Minneapolis? Look no further than Trailers & More. Visit our store today or call us at 651-451-1808. Or you can Contact Us.

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We are excited to share with your our new video about truck trailers around South St Paul. We here at Trailers & More know a thing or two about truck trailers. The video features some information on different types of truck trailers we have available. We would like to share some additional knowledge with you so when it’s time for you to buy a truck trailer, you’ll know exactly what to think about and consider before you make this purchase.

The first question you should ask yourself is what purpose will this truck trailer serve? Are you using it for a racecar or motorcycle that you’re taking to a race or car show? If so, you will probably want to consider buying an enclosed truck trailer. But if you’re just trying to get a car from one location to another, an open truck trailer might be your best option.

Plus, you will also want to think about your budget. If money is no object, then you probably want to go with the top of the line, best of the best truck trailer. But if you’re on a budget like most people, take some time to do your homework. List out every feature you’re looking for in a truck trailer and take it from there. An enclosed truck trailer is more than likely going to be more expensive than one that isn’t enclosed. But that added expense is worth it if you are transporting a valuable racecar or hot rod.

Also, are you worried about aesthetics and how the truck trailer will look from the outside as you’re driving it down the road? This is a valid concern, especially if you’re a business owner or taking the car or motorcycle to a race, a car show or something to that effect. If you’re a business owner, you could use available white space on the outside of the truck trailer to have a business logo painted on. That’s some good advertising for your business!

For truck trailers in South St Paul and more, call Trailers & More at 651-451-1808 or Contact Us.

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When you’re in the market for a trailer, you have a lot of options. There are so many different brands and materials. How do you go about choosing the best one? You don’t want to go out and buy just any trailer. You want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth!

You want to consider what purpose the trailer will serve. What will you be hauling with it? How big should it be, and how will it be used? How often will you be using it? You should also think about if it needs to be enclosed or how tall the sides should be.

Also, you want to think about towing and what will be towing it. Will you be using a pick-up truck to tow it? Something larger than a regular-sized truck? Or will you be using a family-sized car to tow it? Be sure to look into the vehicle’s towing capacity so you know what size trailer you should be looking at.

Another thing to keep in mind is storage, as in, where will you be storing this trailer while you’re not using it. If a trailer will be stored inside, you won’t have to worry as much about what it’s made out of since it won’t be routinely exposed to the outside elements. But if you plan on storing it in, let’s say, your backyard, you might want to consider buying one that is made out of sturdier materials. Or you might want to spring for a cover for your trailer. You also want to be sure that your neighborhood allows you to store your trailer outside. Some places are okay with it; others have rules and regulations that forbid it.

So when you’re ready to buy a trailer in Woodbury or the surrounding areas, call Trailers & More at 651-451-1808 or you can Contact Us.

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A recent article published on the topic of flatbed trailers, covers much of the basic information on choosing the best flatbed trailer for your needs. This information is perfect for those St Paul residents looking for flatbed trailers.

Determining which trailers are suitable for your vehicle is an easy task, if you know what to look for. You can begin your research by determining what you’ll be using your trailers for. This will help you figure out what type of weight and size requirements your trailers will have to meet. From there, it’s just a matter of finding trailers that meet your specifications, and finding one you think compliments your vehicle.

Flatbed Trailers & Their Use

There are many different types of flatbed trailers. Below are a few different varieties of flatbed trailers St Paul residents may be looking for and their uses. We can help you find one that works best for you.

  • Standard flatbed trailers are very popular, due to their ability to be loaded from all sides. They are convenient for all kinds of cargo.
  • Step deck trailers usually have a top and bottom deck, so they are typically used when hauling freight with height restrictions.
  • Stretch trailers are true to their name. They are used for items that are too long for a standard flatbed.
  • Double drop and stretch double drop trailers are used for oversized freight and long oversized freight respectively.
  • Conestoga trailers have a covering, so they are useful when the cargo may be damaged if it’s exposed to the elements.

Above is just a brief overview. There are many more styles of trailers that could meet your needs.

Are you searching for the perfect trailers in St Paul? Contact us today by calling 651-451-1808 or Contact us Online. You can always browse our selection online, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, stop by. We have an even wider selection at our South St Paul location.