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When you’re on the road and towing a trailer, you want to be sure you’re using the right type of hitch. Making sure that you are using the correct hitches for your towing jobs is of the utmost important. If your trailer disconnects from your car or truck while on the road, it could cause damage, injury or worse. As one of the best stores in the area for hitches in St Paul, we have a few suggestions to help you pick the best hitch. Here is a quick guide to picking the correct hitches for your towing needs.

Class I
Class I hitches are for towing 2,000 lbs GTW and 200 lbs TW. These types of hitches are suitable for a variety of cars and trucks – from subcompact cars through full size cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. These are regular duty hitches that attach to your car or truck’s bumper. These are good for towing small motor boats and similarly sized cargo.

Class II
Class II hitches are for towing 3,500 lbs GTW and 300 lbs TW. While not recommended for small cars (compact and subcompact), they work just fine for larger cars like mid-size sedans and trucks, as well as full size cars, trucks, vans, etc. These heavy duty hitches can tow trailers that are up to 3,500 lbs.

Class III
Class III hitches are for towing 5,000 lbs GTW and 500 lbs TW. These are good for mid-size and full size trucks, vans and SUVS, but they are not recommended for subcompact, compact and mid-size cars.

Class IV
Class IV hitches are for towing 9,000 lbs GTW and 900 lbs TW. Only good for full size cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, these are for towing bigger trailers like horse and cattle trailers or a fifth wheel RV.

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