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When you are hauling equipment, a racecar, snowmobile or any other item, the last thing you want is to break down on the road. While breakdowns are sometimes inevitable and you can’t do anything to prevent them, you can still take a more proactive approach to maintenance for your trailer. We specialize in St Paul trailers, and we have several recommendations on how to keep your trailer on the road.


You should be sure to check the tires on your trailer on a regular basis. They should be checked before you use your trailer and after you are done using it. The tires on trailers come with recommendations on the proper amount of air that should be in them, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Tires that do not have enough air in them are more likely to pop as you are driving. And even if the tire does not look flat, you should still check how much air is in it to be sure. Tires sometimes have to lose a lot of air before they will appear flat.

Trailer exterior

Then it is time to take a look at your trailer’s exterior. Are there any missing parts? Are any parts of it rusting? Do you see anything that looks wrong or looks like it is in need of repair or replacement? Be sure to look at the trailer’s floor too. This is a sometimes overlooked area, but a floor that is in good condition is vital to safe towing.


Trailers have wiring connections that need to be in good shape in order to tow safely. The wires should not have any fraying, hard bends or cuts in them. If you see any wires that are in need of some attention, make sure they are fixed or replaced before you use your trailer. These wires are an important part of safe towing practices. You want to be sure your brakes and other important parts of your trailer are working as they should be.

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