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Snowmobile season is upon us! We are sure you are already hitting the trails as much as you can. But one of the most often overlooked tasks during snowmobile season is snowmobile trailer maintenance. Snowmobile trailers are just as important as the snowmobiles themselves! We sell snowmobile trailers in St Paul, and we have a few suggestions on how to keep your snowmobile trailer looking good and in good working order.

Check the Tires

The tires on snowmobile trailers need the same kind of maintenance as the tires on your car. Check the tread to make sure they are not worn. Check for any air leaks and also be sure to check the tire pressure. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the air pressure too. Be sure to make sure the hubs and the axels are in good shape as well.

Check the Underside

The underside of snowmobile trailers picks up a lot of dirt, salt and grime, just like your car does. Try to get underneath your snowmobile trailer and give it a good wash with warm and soapy water. Be sure not to damage any wiring that might be underneath.

Check the Wiring

After you are done carefully washing the underside of your snowmobile trailer, check the wiring. Check the lights, the coupler and the hitch components. Add grease to those parts if it is needed. The grease will help prevent rust and moisture from damaging any parts. Make sure there are no wires that are frayed, worn or disconnected. Make sure there are no worn or rusted connectors either.

Check the Lighting

Take a few minutes to check the lights on your snowmobile trailer. Make sure they are all functioning as they should be. This is a great way to avoid being pulled over by the police for a burnt out tail light, plus it ensures other drivers can see when you are braking and slowing down, so it is also a great way to stay safe on the road too. Be sure to check your turn signals and emergency flashers too.

Give It a Wash

Enclosed snowmobile trailers need a good wash every now and then. This will help to preserve the trailer’s finish, plus it will look good too.

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